Étude de Cas Green Bird LLC

Green Bird LLC is a fashion retail group based in Abu Dhabi. It has 4 physical stores, and its flagship store has existed since 1988. For years, its dress and luxurious apparels business dominated the region.

The rise of the Internet brought more ‘connected’ competition into the marketplace. These businesses understood how to reach their customers, through newsletters, websites, videos, and online virality in general.

The successful competitors understood that people spent time with the products and services they had relationships with. It is often said that people develop emotional ties with products. To create those emotional ties, requires that consumers spend time and attention. For close to a decade, Green Bird faced difficulty at forming ties between itself, its products and its base of customers, because it was a challenge to harness the strength of online networks.

In 2012, Green Bird approached ENGAGE with the goal of increasing its online engagement with customers. We [ENGAGE] developed a plan to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, in conjunction with newsletters, blogs, and other well developed online properties to build mindshare amongst customers. Our price was slightly less than that of employing a low-skilled worker full-time. It could be thought, that by hiring someone full-time within your own organization might provide better value than hiring ENGAGE on a part-time basis. However, this is absolutely not the case, since ENGAGE is group of professionals that provide a large range of skills, such as graphic design, web development, blog editing, event marketing, social media managing, and more. One person can never achieve the combined results of a few ENGAGE professionals working together. By having a problem discussed by several people familiar with modern technologies, the solutions we deliver are always outstanding. In the case of Green Bird, we manage 4 Facebook pages simultaneously, we deliver newsletters, build webpages, and sift through the analytics. Over its first phase of work together, ENGAGE also managed to produce top-notch print work used in physical banners and magazines, while using them within virtual campaigns. The synergies that we [ENGAGE] have between our technical capabilities is our core competency.

After 6 months of using our services, Green Bird has elevated its position within its industry, while stabilizing its business. In another 6 months, it will become a leader and will post significant growth in income, and this is certainly achieved because of the pulling forces from establishing online relationships with the right networks in the right ways.

Ps. As of writing this, Green Bird is about to launch a Facebook contest with global fashion brand Who*s Who. Creating relationships with trusted suppliers will lead to win-win scenarios that boost the profits of both parties. These opportunities always appear when employing the ENGAGE philosophy!

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