Obtenez le plus bas coût par like sur Facebook

ENGAGE has been experimenting with Facebook Ads for a few months now and we’ve found that displaying ads on Facebook’s ad network in order to attract likes for your page is an easy and cost effective proposition, if you put enough time into tweaking the ads.

I’ve been working with 3 very different business pages, and I’ve been able to buy extremely well targeted likes between the ranges of 75 cents per like all the way down to 2 cents per like.

That’s right, 2 cents per like! Two cents for somebody that is genuinely interested in your message.

Facebook Ad Campaign Likes Screenshot

Let me remind you, these are highly targeted, and interactive fans (as opposed to what you can buy in Fiverr). These types of fans can drive your online sales, because once they are connected to your page, they will routinely see your posts, share your posts, and will be influenced by your product and service marketing efforts.

So how do you reach 2 cents per like? In order to do it, you need to look at 4 things:

1) Ad Headline
2) Ad Text
3) Ad Image
4) Audience Target Locations and Interests

Facebook Ads Screenshot

It’s critical that each of these aspects is well designed.

Ad titles must be easy to read, in caps, and offer striking statements, such as ‘SALE SALE SALE’.

Ad captions must be descriptive, yet obscure.

Ad photos must be chosen very wisely. I suggest a familiar and distinct image that connects with people. It should be easily recognized as a cultural icon, and be somewhat fascinating, stark, and mysterious (even if your page is about a topic like cats or food).

Next, make sure that you target your audience carefully. My best ads are shown to about 500,000 to 1,500,000 connected people. I can’t say that I’ve tried everything, but it seems that you shouldn’t try to play games with your targets. If you are selling in North America, target North America. If you are selling kitchenware, target people that like kitchen ware. It might be possible to find hidden targets that might want to buy kitchenware, however, it’s probably best to just stick to those people that express precise interests in your products and services.

Finally, leave the default campaign settings intact (as those are the best ones I think). Make the budget $5-$10 per day. Once you’ve successfully made your first ad, create another one, by duplicating the first, and slightly modifying it. Create 8 slightly different ads, within a single campaign, each ad with a slightly different picture, caption, OR title.

If your ads are within a single campaign, you’ll always stay within your total daily budget for that campaign.

Now let all the ads run, and watch the numbers. You should only spend small sums a day to test your ads – because that’s all you need to make the right changes. Any ad that has run for a couple of days, and has cost you over $5, yet has a cost per like over 50 cents should be paused. You will see the best performers slowly emerge. Once you identify the best performer(s), pause all other ads, and go back to tweaking the best ad.

Everyone should be able to buy likes for less than 25 cents per like. However getting far below that number (5-10 cents) might require several hours and days of tweaking.

If you need assistance, ENGAGE is always here to help you!

…Now back to figuring out how to reach 1 cent per like (my new holy grail)…

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