1. Enable IPAD Split-Screen Feature in an Ionic or Cordova App

    Here I’m going to explain how to setup a Launch Screen Storyboard in order to make your app compliant for Split Screen on iPads.

    So it took me several hours (like 10) to figure out how Xcode storyboards can be integrated into my ionic app, because Xcode is a huge mess IMO… and I’m writing this article because there are zero posts about this topic except for this link here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB-9161

    And that link is of little use but it did let me know that split-screen support can be added!

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  2. Using ngCordova and cordovaOauth to query Twitter’s Search API

    Recently, I had to find a solution to query Twitter’s Search API with my Ionic and Cordova app.

    I had found some great posts by @nraboy and @saimon24 on very similar topics, so I expanded on them and I specifically modified the code found in saimon24’s post: http://blog.ionic.io/displaying-the-twitter-feed-within-your-ionic-app/

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  3. Increase Your Page Views With Slideshows

    This is where the post content is displayed. It can be hidden or visible.

    This multi-page slideshow is a custom WordPress Plugin. It’s built on the Vapreff framework for WordPress. You can buy it on the Envato Marketplace for $14!

  4. Get the lowest cost per like on Facebook

    ENGAGE has been experimenting with Facebook Ads for a few months now and we’ve found that displaying ads on Facebook’s ad network in order to attract likes for your page is an easy and cost effective proposition, if you put enough time into tweaking the ads.

    I’ve been working with 3 very different business pages, and I’ve been able to buy extremely well targeted likes between the ranges of 75 cents per like all the way down to 2 cents per like.

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  5. Green Bird LLC Case Study

    Green Bird LLC is a fashion retail group based in Abu Dhabi.

    It has 4 physical stores, and its flagship store has existed since 1988. For years, its dress and luxurious apparels business dominated the region.

    The rise of the Internet brought more ‘connected’ competition into the marketplace. These businesses understood how to reach their customers, through newsletters, websites, videos, and online virality in general.

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