1. Obtenez le plus bas coût par like sur Facebook

    ENGAGE has been experimenting with Facebook Ads for a few months now and we’ve found that displaying ads on Facebook’s ad network in order to attract likes for your page is an easy and cost effective proposition, if you put enough time into tweaking the ads.

    I’ve been working with 3 very different business pages, and I’ve been able to buy extremely well targeted likes between the ranges of 75 cents per like all the way down to 2 cents per like.

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    All bodies of nature cycle across periods of growth and change. By harnessing these cycles, humans organize vast structures of complex relationships that connect at specific times and places. As we build these complex webs of ideas and opportunities, we always re-discover that the best patterns are simple ones. Although science and technology provide us the tools to exploit complicated aspects of the web, it is the simplest connections that always provide the most benefits.

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  3. Augmenter les profits avec les services cloud

    All businesses are divided into sub-divisions that function according to pre-defined processes. The number of processes accomplished and the speed at which they are performed are directly tied to the amount of revenue a company will earn. Business processes range from simple to complex sequences of actions. Before the advent of computers, most business processes were laborious. With the invention of the computer, came a dramatic shift in processing power.

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  4. L’Effet d’Adhésion d’Internet

    ENGAGE is founded on the notion that personal relationships force people into action. This force can be harnessed and redirected to change reality. The greatest driver of world change we have ever experienced is the Internet. It is a web of relationships interconnecting societies, businesses, and other organizations. Its ability to affect so many realities across the planet is described by the following hypothesis: A relationship is like an abstract bridge between people, and it originates in nature from an attractive force acting within a hyperdimensional space.

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  5. Étude de Cas Green Bird LLC

    Green Bird LLC is a fashion retail group based in Abu Dhabi. It has 4 physical stores, and its flagship store has existed since 1988. For years, its dress and luxurious apparels business dominated the region.

    The rise of the Internet brought more ‘connected’ competition into the marketplace. These businesses understood how to reach their customers, through newsletters, websites, videos, and online virality in general.

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